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If this is your first visit we hope you enjoy the experience.


This Tab leads to information on the family containing over 1800 members. Hopefully you will have questions that can be forwarded to the address to be found under Tab "Contacts". Also under the Tab "Family Tree you will find another Tab "Chart" this shows the chart of the known ancestors, The full family chart is far to big to display but if you would like a copy of your section of the family tree forward an email to "Contact" and the chart will be sent by reply email. Also see FAQ for frequently asked questions.


Hundreds of old and new documents dating from the 1800's are available, a selection is displayed under the Tab "Documents".


Tab has multiple Tabs the "Old Nova Scotia" Tab leads to set of rotating photos from Debra Mackie of Nova Scotia. Note to stop photos rotating move mouse to centre, some of the photos are not of our family like the pictures of "Queen Mary" probable distributed many years ago due to connections or affection for the royals.

Australia shows a selection of photos from our many caravan journeys around Australia .